LICO to Make your trade
most Beneficial !

LICO coin for the Money Platform Networks for the financial infrastructure of your business and transactions.
LICO coin offers variety of the financial infrastructure of the payment, remittance, exchange, and any financial needs for you. LICO is the central token and ecosystem of various financial services.

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What is LICO Coin?

LICO coin is the token issued on Ethereum Network and used for the Money Platform Networks.
With LICO Coin, the holders can enjoy many benefits and fee discount in MPN’s services.

Why would you choose LICO?

Trading Fee 50% off

If you choose LICO Coin, crypto trading fee within the iLexExchange Platform will be 50% less than the usual charge. That gives you the benefit of earning more from one of most popular crypto exchange platform with an Estonian license! Trade now with only 50% from the normal fee!
50% off!
  • imove is available now!

    LICO Coin can also be used within imove. Which is an ewallet service for both fiat and crypto under a license issued in Georgia.

  • Security!

    LICO can be freely converted into other coins and tokens which minimizes the risk within the transaction from the issuer and the user.

  • Stable price!

    The reasonable pricing mechanism makes the interaction between LICO and other coins less volatile within the pool.

Where you can use LICO?

LICO coin can be used in iLexExchange (the trading platform with an Estonian license)and imove (Ewallet service provided by Andex LLC with a Georgian license).
We are continuously developing and expanding our partnership with other Ewallet and platforms to give a much more convenient and excellent user experience.

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LICO COIN’s road map

  • 2017
    • Money Platform Concept and project started at Liri Holdings Limited.
  • 201801
    • TILA EXCHANGE OÜ was established with license in Estonia.
  • 201904
    • Andex LLC was incorporated. imove service started.
  • 201905
    • MP MANAGEMENT LTD was incorporated. Started creating LICO network.
  • 201909
    • iLexExchange pilot term has finished and formally launched.
  • 201910
    • LICO Token is issued and listed at iLexExchange.
  • In 2019
    • LICO will be available at imove.
    • LICO will be available at other MPN.
  • 2020
    • LICO Ecosystem expands to many services.

About LICO Coin

LICO Coin is a token that can be used in Money Platform Networks.

The Money Platform Networks (MPN) provide various services that includes cross border remittance, deposit, withdrawal, payment etc. as a one stop solution as the customer’s Money Infrastructure. Trading / exchange needs will be fulfilled easily and securely without relying on traditional banking services.

In MPN, multiple financial service companies have partnered together strategically in order to provide the best solutions.
As a part of this, LICO is the perfect instrument to be utilized among different service areas of Money Platform Networks ecosystem.

LICO will be listed on iLexExchange and available to purchase by trading and accessible there.

Company infomation

Company name
MP Management LTD
Registered address
Suite 10, 3rd Floor, La Ciotat, Mont Fleuri, PO Box 1054, Victoria, Mahe,Seychelles
Registered Number